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Our Delicious Story
Dedicated since 2017 to making you LEKKER plant-based comfort foods with the best meat, cheese and dairy alternatives, so you won’t feel like you are missing out!

Truth is, most vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians didn’t choose plant-based because they don’t like the taste of meat and dairy. For most it is  for health, environmental or ethical reasons. 

Making vegan food taste like foods you are used to or even better, makes transitioning into a more plant-based diet a whole lot more LEKKER!

Mon closed
Tue noon-8pm
Wed noon-8pm
Thu noon-8pm
Fri noon-9pm
Sat noon-9pm
Sun noon-7.30pm

Mon closed
Tue 11.30am-8pm
Wed 11.30am-8pm
Thu 11.30am-8pm
Fri 11.30am-8pm
Sat 11.30am-8pm
Sun 11.30am-8pm

Mon closed Tue 11:30am-7.30pm
Wed 11:30am-7.30pm
Thu 11:30am-7.30pm
Fri 11:30am-8pm
Sat 11:30am-8pm
Sun 11:30am-6pm


Dark kitchen set-up 
for deliveries and take-aways


Small sit down outlet
with limited seating and self service


Full blown restaurant
with table service and liquor license